Wednesday, January 03, 2007


My phone rang. I recognized the number as a personal of mine. A group of four guys that I had picked up at the port a few nights ago. My contact was Tony. Tony and his crew were smart, tipped me well and asked for my number when I first dropped them off at their motel. They were staying at a small motel off the strip which didn't have a cab stand and on the weekends it gets tough trying to call for a cab sometimes. Like educated Vegas visitors, they played the game correctly. With the clubs paying what they are you'd be an idiot not to offer your number and services to them in the first place anyway. Amazingly, when they called I was loaded and my passenger at the time just so happened to be going to that very motel. I was only a block away. The chances of this happening are impossible to calculate.

I'm right around the corner. I'll be there in two minutes.

Are you serious? That's great thank you.

They walked right past the passenger I had cleared ten seconds ago. Apparently they didn't notice I had just dropped off and went on thinking I am the best cab driver ever. I guess they thought I was just sitting around the corner waiting for their call or something. They actually wouldn't shut up about how "awesome" I was. I wasn't going to say anything to dispel the rumor.

They gave a destination of MGM but:

We need to stop at a ATM somewhere on the way.

No problem

We stopped at the Rebel on Flamingo/Paradise. I pull up next to one of the gas pumps and one of the guys from the backseat got out and walked inside. The other three discussed their previous nights successes and what was in store for this evenings endeavors. I was able to assist them as needed. Out of the corner of my eye I spot the blond by the bus stop. At least 6 ft tall. Tight body, big fake tits, skin tight white belly shirt, skin tight pants and high heels. She had all the signs of a working girl, but something told me she wasn't. She wore two faces. One said, "I'm sad and need a shoulder to cry on" the other said, "I need a cab". I know both of those faces so I raised my voice and asked her:

Do you need a cab?

She nodded as the 4th man returned from the ATM.

I turned, looked at my boys and asked a question I already knew the answer to:

We've got room for one more.... right?

They all agreed. So I addressed the blond again.

Where are you going?

New York-New York.

Perfect. These guys have offered to share their cab with you, they're going right across the street from where you need to go anyway, hop in.

She sat bitch in the front next to me and disclosed her sob story along the way. Apparently her and the boyfriend were at the Hard Rock down the street and had an argument. So she took off walking and had made it about a half of a mile before we found her. She had plans to take the bus back to her hotel. Actually from there she would need to take two busses. Good thing we rescued her because I am of the opinion that really hot girls have no business riding the bus anyway.

The five of us hit it off. Through my facilitation of the conversation and my boys' game she was laughing and happy with the rest of us by time we pulled into the MGM driveway.

I said to blondy:

Lemme drop these guys off first then we'll run you across the street.

Actually, if it's ok I think I'm going to get out here and hang out with these guys for a while if they don't care.

Why would that not be OK? I'm sure these guys would love to show you a good time,and I can vouch for them. They are good guys have fun.

Tony said:
Hell yeah we're good people...

So my 4 pack plus 1 turned 5 pack exited my cab at the MGM. I figured I would hear from them in a few hours or so with whatever was on tap next for the evening.

My phone rang showing Tony's number less than an hour later.

Hey what's up? Everything ok? You guys aren't ready to be picked up are you?

No man, we're good. I was just calling to let you know that Scott and I just got done tag-teaming that chick.


Yeah man, couldn't believe it. Not five minutes after we walked into the MGM she pulled me aside and said to grab one of my friends so the three of us could go back to her room at NYNY. much?

Nothing, nada

Nah uh...

Yeah man. That girl is a freak.

I guess so. Well right the fuck on dude. I'm happy right now.

That's not all.


She's trying to get a hold of one of her friends that she thinks is going to like my boys(the other two guys)

Now I know you're full of shit

No man, no anyway I just wanted to call and tell you that you are without a doubt the coolest fucking cab driver on the planet.

I had always kind of suspected it actually, but that shit is confirmed now.


Anonymous said...

Some guys have all the luck. Or should I say girls?

Good to see another story.

Anonymous said...

Good to hear from you again!! Keep the stories coming!!

Anonymous said...

Yet another great story. It was worth the wait!

Anonymous said...

good story. i was hoping you'd by my driver when i was in LV a few weeks ago but no dice.

Anonymous said...

I have enjoyed your stories, and this is one of the best. Keep 'em coming.

High Power Rocketry said...

: )

Anonymous said...

Cabbie got game:)

aburtch said...

See you are not only are you a great cabbie, but you are helping make Vegas the greatest city in the world where anything can happen.