Tuesday, March 18, 2008


I've received some emails recently from readers trying to figure out if I plan on continuing this thing I've started here. First off, let me say I appreciate you taking the time to inquire about the status of this thing. Personally I think that speaks volumes about what we've been able to accomplish here so far. And it's flattering to say the least. Fans were not really a potential byproduct that I had considered when I started this thing. So allow me to dispel any thoughts that I've given this thing up, in fact quite the opposite is true.

However much like Trey said about Big Cypress, when I finally got that Christmas story done it did kind of feel like the whole blog was done. From the onset, I had no intentions of that being the case. But I feel like the wave that is this blog had been building and building, higher and higher, finally crashing into the shore with the completion of that story. Part of me felt like I am unable to "top" that story, and if that's true than what's the point of going on? After I finished it it just felt like a natural time to stop, although I've never had or have any conscious plans to.

That said I am thinking of taking things in a completely different direction. I've been brainstorming a lot lately and have many ideas that I'd like to try and execute at some point or another. But before I start there, I wanted to try and get some feedback from you guys.

Basically what I'm thinking is this: Let's make this blog, an actual blog. What once was merely just an archive for my cab adventures could become much much more. Of course, I would still include the notable cabbie adventures as they occurred but other possible cab related topics could include things such as:

-Prior cab stories that were omitted for content. A "from the cutting room floor" of sorts
-Day to day happenings in the cab world. (Otherwise undeserving of their own story)
-General Cab driver concerns and all things pertaining to the business itself.
-Stories about tips or lack thereof.
-One Liners. Generally just quick quips that I use in the cab all the time and they generally kill. However they really have no place in a story. None that I have yet found anyway
-General Las Vegas information/concerns/issues

...and even broader still

-General societal issues. (Actually had planned another site for these but am now thinking I should just add them here)
-Tales of my existence prior to cab driving, life story of sorts, anything else I've experienced that was funny or interesting. (I really hate this idea, but it is just that)
-Anything pop culture related. (I'll probably point out that Ashlee Simpson doesn't know what the terms "sharp" and "flat" mean early and often)

..These are just a few of the ideas, unfortunately I take issue with most all of them for various reasons. I mean, I've had some of these thoughts for a while and generally dismiss them as bad ideas. Here's why:

From the beginning I really wanted to make every story/post a strong one. I'd often choose saying nothing over saying something if I had concerns if it would work or not. A long time ago a reader named Eric commented: "...One of the few blogs I actually read since most blogs are done by self important assholes instead of people with interesting stories to tell." This was a comment that has really stuck with me, and thank you Eric for that, mostly because that's exactly what I was trying to do. I mean, I read a lot of blogs myself and it just seems that many bloggers fall into the pitfall of either feeling like they should or are supposed to blog about something, or to Eric' point, are just people who like to hear themselves talk. I remember reading a post on a blog once where the first sentence read something like: "Well nothing really interesting has happened lately..." It's like, dude, the first thing that you decide to tell me is that you have nothing interesting to say? Am I really expected to continue reading? These are things I consciously try to avoid and only posting the best of events as I saw them was how I attempted to do that. Initially I tried to loosely model this blog after the HBO Taxicab Confessions show. If you think about that show, the only thing you get to see is from the time that door opens and a passenger gets in to the time they get out. Nothing else. And you know what? That's all that's interesting in my opinion. That's all that should be interesting. The main attraction is the person in the backseat. Nothing more, nothing less.

That said this really isn't a blog at all is it? At least to date. It's a memoir. I think it might be high time to turn this thing upside down. And I'd like to know what you guys think about this. Or even better if there are topics you would like to see covered we can try that too. I'm really just brainstorming right now. Any ideas are good ones.

My only fears are simply that broadening the scope might be synonymous with lowering the standard. Furthermore I also fear that by saying a lot more it's only a matter of time before I'll say something completely moronic or self incriminating. Nonetheless I think I'm ready to play some jazz. What do you think?

...and all this on the day this blog achieved 100,000 unique visits (and just short of 200,000 page views). A very big thank you to all of you out there that for some reason or another, find this voice entertaining. So far I have not made a dime off of this en devour, save a few very generous gratuities from readers who managed to track me down while they were in town (and huge props and thanks to you guys you know who you are). And for the record I am perfectly fine with that. In fact that is by design. My payment was received when you finished reading this....

Cheers - Andrew


Dr. Pauly said...

I love the Trey reference!

Phil G said...

Get some ads on this mofo - 100k uniques is worth some $$$

ellopez said...

you are right.
the "between the doors" stories are the ones i like best, and wether you think they are interesting or not, they are interesting to me... gives me a chance to experience lost wages from a different seat in the house.
thanks for sharing..

shortshire said...

I enjoyed reading that blog with 100k unique visits. The quote about interesting stories to tell is a great comment that was left. Reminds me of the final episode of the wire and what the guy at the newspaper said, I joined this job to tell a new story everyday. This represents your blog perfectly. Keep blogging and i'll keep writing it.

eSub said...

I came on here to check out some old stories in anticipation for my flight to Vegas in a few hours and here's the first post of the new year (and a shout out to me, I left you that comment, so thanks for that). I definitely hope you keep writing this, as I'm sure all of your readers do. With the Christmas story, maybe you're talking about your own personal expectations, but I know I don't read new stories hoping it one will be better than the previous, I'm just hoping for something new and interesting, even if it's just a funny few lines between you and a passenger. You've got to keep this thing going man.

David said...

Glad to see you found your muse again. You have proven you are a writer, not a blogger or diarist. The stories are interesting not just because of the setting or the humor but because they are well written. Personally I don't care if you go off topic. I think of you more as a columnist who happens to drive a cab in Vegas. Not a hack who occasionally writes.

Tara said...

Glad to see you back again! Honestly, whatever subject motivates you to write, I'd be interested in reading. You live in one of the greatest cities and have a very interesting job. I think you have quite a following around here that just appreciate your writing style!

sprunt said...

Honestly, I never thought that any of the stories were about 'topping' the last one. You have a great writing style that is enjoyable to read, as well as a great sense of humor that makes people laugh. This is your space, do with it what you want. I'm sure the people who have come and read your stories, and continue to come back hoping for something new, will stick around to see what happens next. Whether it's ranting about the drunk guy who threw up in your cab, or the two girls who decided to share a cab and ended up making out, or that the recession is really killing business and tips, write it all down. I'm sure you'll find a funny way to do it, while also making people think a bit.

Personally, I'm hoping for the story involving the two chicks. :)

Anonymous said...

I have enjoyed every one of your stories, and I feel that the slim number of posts implies that you're writing when something interesting happens, which I'm sure you experience something worthy of putting into words at least a couple of times per month. Honestly I think you should just humor us once in awhile, not sacrifice quality for quantity.

Tom said...

I enjoy reading your blog because you are a good writer. I sent a link to your blog to a friend and the first thing he said was "That guy is a good writer." So I am pretty sure whatever topics you choose will be worth reading. for my 2¢, I would like the first set of topics you listed. Thanks!!!

Christina LMT said...

Andrew...just WRITE! Anything that (metaphorically) flows from your pen will be worth reading, as far as I'm concerned.

You know, I've heard exactly the opposite advice about blogging: Write every day, even if it's just to say that you have nothing to write about.

Personally, I disagree. But only as it applies to my blog, not yours.

Do whatever you want, it's your blog to play with, after all!

Good luck, Andrew. You know, I check out every cabbie I see on the road, just to see if I recognize you. Not to be creepy-stalkerish, or anything...

Anonymous said...

Dear Andrew
At last all this time my theory that you are indeed in possesion of an extraordinary talent to tell stories that provoke thought and laughs,and even tears has been validated by the hundreds of comments left by others who also recognize your gifts. All gushing aside, I would be delighted to see your blog remain solidly footed in truthful tales and anecdotes, yet foray into many of the great ideas you mention in today's posting. Up here in Montpelier, Vermont I keep close tabs on you not only through this blog, but through an aquaintence of yours who keeps me posted when you are absent from your writing. So, you see, you have admirers flung all over the place! LOL Anyway, keep up the good word, drive safe, and keep 'em coming! And when I get to Vegas, I will throw some dough your way!
Thanks From The Green Mountain State

Danielle said...

“Be yourself. Above all, let who you are, what you are, what you believe, shine through every sentence you write, every piece you finish.” ~John Jake

Andy, It’s me Danielle! Keep going, let it flow, ya hear me?! You have an incredible talent! You have always had a way with your words and you should celebrate that! I love YOU and I love your stories! (I am sending you an email right now to do more pleading and begging...)

"Good writing is supposed to evoke sensation in the reader--not the fact that it is raining, but the feeling of being rained upon."
E.L. Doctorow

Simon Young said...

You should put a PAYPAL donate button on your blog with the title 'Tip the Cabbie'.

Happy driving

HighOnPoker said...

Andrew, I started reading your blog a month or so ago, from the beginning. I read a couple of stories a day and print out a bunch to read on my train ride home. I recently read the story about the 2hr. 30min. wedding trip and liked it so much I printed it out for my wife. She read it on her commute and sent me a text message, "I want more cabbie stories!"

I just wanted to mention that even though you haven't posted in a while, your writing still attracts new readers. Whatever you can do to continue the blog would be great.

Lucky 327 said...

well, don't fret too much, how bad could it get? seems like the more readers one gets, the more one worries about what they owe the reader. but it is your blog, so make it (keep it) yours you know?

my blog sucks, but, eh, it ain't like i'm getting paid for it anyway.

Lucky 327 said...

P.S. I've enjoyed the unique attention to each post that you have given.

Johnzimbo said...

Your writing is so entertaining, I'll support anything you do. I actually have you as my favorite link in my Yahoo profile, the only link I have ever entered there, because I want people to check out your blog.

Devo said...

Your writing is an art. Do you think people appreciated Van Gogh's work less after Starry Night?

I strongly encourage you to make this more of a blog. Write about whatever it is that you want to write about and I am sure we the readers will enjoy it. I also think your blog as it is would make a fantastic bound edition, ending with the Christmas Story.

Hey, my mother appreciates the "It's been a lame week but I'm just checking in" blogs, even though they're lame blogs.

Anonymous said...

Keep it going.
I too like the well written stories of "between the doors"
I think your writing style is great and whatever you choose to do that do not give up on putting out a quality product. This is what separates your site from the others
Do a semi weekly "Blog" of things going on from a news type standpoint. A example would be as how the raid of the nightclubs has effected you. Whats your take on the subject
A "Daily rant" of whatever is on your mind.
Talk about the business of Vegas from a cabbies point of view. That may seem mundane to you is new to us
People want to read about Vegas. I for one have found your site refreshing honest and well written and in whatever form it takes I will be a reader.
Post some adds and make a buck you deserve it

Exiled in Maine said...

It is so good to see you writing again! I apprecaite very much your stories and your slant on things. Please, Please keep them coming!!!! Like someone else said, put some ads on here so we can make some $$ for you.

Thanks for all you Do!!!


Anonymous said...

Andy, just write. As I have told you time and time again, you are an excellent writer. The title attracts the readers, and your talent keeps us coming back. Whatever the subject, wherever you go, I will follow.

I do like the cabbie/issues comments idea.


cyrano said...

I've enjoyed your blog because you're living out my escapist fantasy-- quit the lawyer job, leave a note for the wife, and drive a cab in Vegas. Like all fantasies, it's wonderful-- people never barf in my fantasy cab, the money rivals the law gig, and every fare is interesting and a few are horny women. And of course, my wife forgave me and forwards my mail.

Whether you keep it up or not, I'm grateful that you've done it. I couldn't encourage you to simply write about just anything, because the Vegas cab thing is what keeps me coming here. But thank you for doing that.

bobmerg said...

Your stories have all had great content, but the content didn't make them compelling. You did, by telling it your way. I have great stories to tell, but they would not compell. I can write, but you can relate. It really doesn't matter what you write about, the news, the weather, the biz. What makes reading your blog something I keep looking for, is how you draw me in to your perception. The way I am transported into your way of seeing, and experiencing. If you want to write, do it for yourself. If you try to do it for us, you will fail us. And as a side note, adsence is not a sell out, just ads that could supplement your meager cabbie income.
Best of luck in what ever you do.

Anonymous said...

If that post was your Big Cypress, are we now hitting the "Post-Hiatus Cabbie Chronicles"?

I better hop off before you go solo!

Good to see you're back. Hope the family is doing good. We haven't been back home since December.

MrFunkMD said...

"If that post was your Big Cypress, are we now hitting the "Post-Hiatus Cabbie Chronicles"?

I better hop off before you go solo!"


I think we flew past the point of vibrancy and health long ago....

But two things come to mind here Jim...

#1. Fuck you. You're supposed to have my back.

#2. And you know the early TAB big band stuff was hot. Lol.