Wednesday, April 23, 2008

LVCC gets published. Kind of.

They're invited to every restaurant opening, pick up at every bar and they talk to everyone. Wherever you are in the world, the person who knows best is sat upfront, behind the wheel. We asked cabbies around the globe for tips on the best venues their city has to offer.

Earlier this year I was contacted by The Guardian, the leading news publication in London. Freelance writer Paul Smith sent an email requesting an interview. Smith was amidst a piece entitled "The Knowledge", a reference to the training Cabbies in London must complete prior to obtaining their permits. "The Knowledge", focuses on the idea that Cabbies are the best people to ask for recommendations regarding food & beverage, regardless of the city or even continent for that matter. Naturally while attempting an article on this topic, he knew Las Vegas was a city he should attempt to include.

After a few brief email exchanges, I ultimately conducted a phone interview with Smith in the wee hours, business hours London time. Here are the fruits of Smiths' efforts. I like the idea for the story and it ended up being pretty good I thought, albeit containing an unusually large amount of typographical errors. For what it's worth, I've since learned that The Guardian seems to have a reputation in this regard. Sure I've had my share of fuckups so I'm not trying to go there, but I don't have the backing of a global newspaper or even college degree so I think I'm alright if a few slip threw the cracks.

Why did I not share this with you before you ask? Well, my full name appears in the published piece, misspelled mind you, and at the time I was still interested in remaining largely anonymous.

The Knowledge


Christina RN LMT said...


Congrats,'re famous(er) now. I just made that word up, in your honor.

CA Heifner said...


Be proud, MAN! You're a great writer and should take credit where credit is due.

The only way I could do my blog was by publishing my face, name, and past life as a drug cartel assassin on a anonymity here and people want to kill me! You have it easy.

Keep the good stories coming.

Chris Heifner (

MrFunkMD said...

..Now THAT sounds like a blog that I can sink my teeth into.