Monday, July 12, 2010

A note to readers:

Some time ago I realized that I was approaching my 50th story. I was thinking that I wanted to try and do something special for my 50th post and it worked out that an ongoing saga, two years in the making, has culminated and will make a perfect special little story. Well here we are and the 49th story has been posted for two months now and my special little fucking story isn't done yet so we're in a holding pattern. Unfortunately, the massive length of it has caused some delays in completion. As it stands now the story is at least 5 times as long as the current longest I'll bet, and I'm not done. So in case you're wondering, this is the reason for the delay around here.

That said, I am writing, and I think it's going to be awesome, so it's just a matter of time. I hesitate however, to offer any specifics in that regard. I'm no good with deadlines anyway. I only ask for your patience and I promise there will be lots to read when I'm done.

Lastly, I thought the Q&A idea worked great. I had some fun doing that and I learned a few things, hopefully you all did as well. But we're not done with it, there where quite a few things that I'm surprised didn't come up so feel free to send additional questions my way and I will be sure to address them.

Thank you for your readership as always- Cheers!


Ceetar said...

re: the q/a. Would it be possible to update in reverse order? It's a pain to have to scroll down to figure out if you've added anything.

sblacke said...

I enjoy your work. Art has no deadlines - make it right.

slug said...

After this post, I guess you'll have to be happy with it being your 51st instead of your 50th.


Heater said...

Q/A - In terms of international visitors to Vegas, who would you say are the best/worst tippers? Accordingly, who are the most savvy, and who are the most gullible? It's okay to generalise sometimes!

Anonymous said...

Really like your writing,keep it up please

MrFunkMD said...

Ceetar- I thought about doing this, but it's going to take forever and the flow will be screwed up due to references to things "above".

I'm sick of having to do this myself believe me, and even thought about updating at the top from the beginning but ruled against it for some stupid reason.

Just grab slider bar and hold your left button and pull it down, that's the fastest way.


SPRUNT said...

Ceetar - Not only can you grab the slider bar and pull it down, you can also hold SHIFT and click on the slider bar to instantly go to that spot on the page.

Anonymous said...

Great blog!! I found your blog a couple of weeks ago and couldn't stop reading, so I just finished reading the whole thing, all your archives. Thanks for some very good stories.

Regarding the reverse order update issue brought up by Ceetar. . .I have a suggestion for how you might switch to new formatting rules without having to make any changes to all your existing posts that you wrote over the past few years:

Start a new second blog with new formatting rules and put your future updates in there. Make a link back to your existing blog, refer to it as your archive, and leave it exactly as it is now.

I don't know if this idea is practical, and in any event this is a great blog even as it is right now.

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