Saturday, February 25, 2006

Had my first close call with a pedestrian tonight.....

I was leaving the Treasure Island trying to make a right hand turn on red onto the strip. I edge out enough so I can see the traffic coming from my left...looking left, looking left..waiting for my spot...lookin left, lots of traffic, edge out some more...lookin left. Finally my spot opens and Im off the brake, on the gas, turning the wheel and starting to look right all at the same time. As soon as my eyes catch up to where Im driving I see a ped right in front of me. I hit the brakes hard and my tires screech a little as this guy looks like he just shit his pants. I wasn't going that fast, I was just at a standstill and had maybe traveled 5 feet. However it was surely fast enough to fuck up this guys program.......His fear then quickly turned to anger. It was nice out so I had my windows down and "2 seconds ago shitting his pants guy" is now "tough and all up in my window guy". Saying all kinds of shit, cussing at me at whatnot.

I guess I cant blame the guy. But on the flipside it would have been an accident. Im not out here trying to kill people. Driving as long as I have its amazing that this is the first one of these I've had considering the shear number of insubordinate pedestrians in Las Vegas. Furthermore, the guy could have just as easily walked behind my cab as opposed to in front of me. I mean if your trying to cross on a crosswalk and you see a car trying to make a right on red, who is looking away from you...Common sense tells you that that "hey...The guy doesn't see me, he's looking the other direction. Maybe I should walk behind him, or stay put until he does see me...Sure I have the right of way right now but I could be right and dead at the same time".

So he is continuing letting me know what he thinks of me and again I cant say that I blame him. But then he comes out and says:

You're fucking lucky you didn't hit me man

WHAT?'re fucking lucky I didn't hit you.

There are 13 other cab companies in town, all of which are desperate for drivers. Im driving some other companies cab tomorrow meanwhile you're sitting here with a crown vic parked on top of you. But Im the lucky one.


Anonymous said...

I was leaving the TI trying to make a right hand turn on red onto the strip....
...on the flipside it would have been an accident. ...its amazing that this is the first one of these I've had considering the shear number of insubordinate pedestrians in LV.

I'm thinking it would have been an accident that you would receive a citation for. You are not allowed to turn right on red out of that TI exit, are you?

I don't think this was one of the subordinate LV pedestrians you speak of. He was just crossing the street with the WALK sign in his favor. And yes, there are a load of tourists ignoring traffic signs. I give them benefit of doubt and just figure their brain in on low for vacation. A quick sharp horn blast from me usually stirs them as I am trying to pull into the Strip casino I work at.

Just came across this blog. It is great! Keep the stories coming. thanks

MrFunkMD said...

you're right...well half right.

Now that you say that I re-read this post and I guess I really didnt make it clear that it def. would have been my fault had I hit the guy. There is no doubt about that. Although I did say I had the red light, and that the ped had the right of way. As well as mentioning that I would be driving for another company had I hit him...again indicating "my fault". I guess I could make that more clear though.

However ROR' are legal there. Providing you yield to cars, and peds that have the right of way first.