Thursday, February 23, 2006


If you monitor your two way radio long enough you are bound to hear some crazy shit.

A while back shortly after I switched to night shift I was staging somewhere listening to the radio and this driver comes on the air in an obvious arab slang and started explaining that he was at the Rio and had two females in his cab that were being unruly and verbally abusive (not the words he used im sure) and he was refusing the ride, they were then refusing to exit the cab. So the driver is basically asking for Rio security as well as TA to respond. While he is explaining this to dispatch you can hear what sounded like two black females in the back round being very loud and saying shit thats pretty much the worst shit you could say to an honest arab man.

Now if this were me in the same situation I would like to think I could get them out of the cab without having to envolve dispatch,security or the TA and also without getting myself into trouble at the same time. But this guy was prolly doing the right thing by calling it in before it escalated and also to cover his own ass more than anything.

I found out later that this drivers problem ended without incident. Lucky for him.

A few hours later I get fucking stuck in the massive traffic jam on 15NB at like 3am. I find away around it but heard on the radio that is was a Nellis Cab (co.) envolved in a colision, and all traffic was being diverted off the freeway.

An hour later Im at home and for some reason or another I was watching local news which I never do and all the coverage is about this crash. Turns out Nellis Cab had a passanger exit his cab on 15 @ Flamingo, who then was struck by a car. At the time this was all the news that was being reported and I remebered thinking why the fuck would you pull over on the side of the freeway and let your passengers out?

I find out a day later that Nellis picked up the same two girls as our Arab friend. They were two local girls, UNLV seniors actually. They gave a destination of south LV. Shortly after they got on the freeway (not even a .5 mile) one of the females started striking the driver in the back of the head repeatedly. He pulled over for obvious reasons and one of the girls exited the passenger side of the cab and tried to run across the freeway. She was struck by a gravel truck, then an Metro squad car (who wasnt responding, wrong place wrong time) and then a buick I believe. The other girl never left the cab, and watched the whole thing happen. The freeway was closed down for hours.

Ultimately the Nellis driver was never charged or cited.

you can read about that here:

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