Monday, February 06, 2006


Two nights ago I picked up at the Wynn Tower Suites around 10 o'clock. The Tower Suites have a seperate entrance on the south side of the complex and are reserved for the super rich and the super snobs. It's my understanding that you have to either be a rated player at 1.5mil (per year) or somebody important to stay stay there. Even when you drop off there these security guards will check the name of your passanger on the guest list before they will let you even drive up to the door. This night I happened to be cruising by on Sands ave. along the south side of Wynn empty so I decided to duck in and see if I could score a ride. Which had been working the last few times.

As soon as I pull up the security guards notice me and and begin franticaly waving me through to go up to the door to pick someone up. As I pull up there is a couple there, a really hot blond with a big rack and a dude with long black hair. I immedietly recognize him as Criss Angel, the "Mind Freak". I help the bellman with their luggage and then hop in the cab. Never being one to feed someones ego I didnt let on that I knew who he was.

They gave and destination of the airport and Criss told me that they would be flying on two different airlines and asked if I could make two stops so one of them didnt have to walk, this is not unusual in an instance like that so I say, no problem.

Per usual I begin making chit chat and the three of us started discussing current events. The idiot who ran over 15 people on purpose along the strip killing two and the succesfull crash landing of the JetBlue jet at LAX which had both happened the day prior. We had a good conversation and Criss seemed like a really down to earth, quality dude. I made a comment about how commercial airline pilots are probably more qualified to do their job than a doctor or a lawyer considering the amount of hours they have to fly and sceniorios such as that one that they have to practice to even get to that level. Criss responded with

yeah....thats a good point

We arrive at the port and Criss' airline was up first, so I pull over and pop the trunk and start getting his bags out. They get out and started making out and saying goodbye. Criss hands me a 20 for the 13+ fair and asked that I make sure his girl got to her airline alright.

of course, thanks(for the tip)

I get back in the car and they are still going at it a little bit and I steer my head around to get a looksee. Nothing eventfull happends and blondy gets back in the cab. I pull off and start heading to her airline check in. Not three seconds after that she goes:

what a freak that guy is a not so subtle attempt to 1) See if I knew who he was, and 2) make herself look and feel cool in the process. I decided to continue with the playing dumb card and ignore the not so vague reference. At this point there is a pause and I can tell that its killing her. I mean she just has to inform me as to who she was just fucking and how cool she is, so she goes into it:

Do you know who that was?


That's Criss Angel the "Mind Freak"

Who's that?

He's a street magician, he does all kinds of crazy shit....he has a show on A&E

I've never heard of him

Have you heard of David Blaine?

Yeah that guy is amazing!

Well he does stuff like that, only better

Oh, okay

..and with that we pulled up to her airline and I dropped her off in all of her apparent frustration.

After dropping her off I cruised around the airport loop to go to the pit. Stage for about ten minutes and then load these four ladies. A Mom and her sister brought her twin daughters to Vegas for their 21st birthday. Moms is sitting shotgun and her and I are talking about Vegas do's and dont's and what not. Like many others her curiosity turns towards my life as a Las Vegas cabbie....

you must pick up a lot of freaks in this cab huh?

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