Tuesday, February 14, 2006


Its interesting the conversations a group of people in the cab will have in regards to which of them are going to pay the meter. Some of them argue over who gets to pay. Two or three or all of them insisting that they pay. "Oh you paid last time" or "hey you always pay let me". On the other side you'll get people arguing over who has to pay. "hey I paid last time" or "hey dude it's your turn". My personal favorite is the old Dutch treat. When the group decides to pay via this method it usually ends up in a big tip. =)

But all that aside. I picked up a group of 4 guys tonight all half drunk and having fun. Nonetheless I think they may have finally solved the age old debate as to who gets to or who has to pay the fare. When I asked later the guy sitting shotgun called the game "stems".

It worked out perfect for them b/c there was four of them but it could work with less people as well. Each of them as they got in the cab were choosing tires. Yes tires. One guy actually walked around the cab with beer in hand kinda of eyeballing each tire. Some closer than others. After they finally got in and Im pulling off shotgun guy tells me not to be alarmed but when they got to where they were going they were all going to jump out of the cab.

Confused at this point I made the guy explain what in the world was going on. Whatever it was it looked like fun.

It's simple: Pick a tire. After the cab comes to a stop at your destination, whosoever stem on their tire is closest to 12 O'clock pays the cabbie.


Anonymous said...

What's a stem?
Great stories!

Thanks from Hobart, Tasmania

Anonymous said...

Valve stem--it's where you put the air in the tire.