Wednesday, February 15, 2006


It was about 2am and I found myself at the backdoor of the Spearmint Rhino which is were the dancers arrive and leave. I never stage there but this night I just happened to be dropping a girl off there when another came out who needed a ride home. Pretty hot little number. Typical stripper looks, big tits, big hair and a so so kinda face.

She's going home to the west side of town, what I estimated to be around a $35 ride. Nothing really out of the usual had occured the first few minutes...I was asking if she had a good night and whatnot. We pull up to a stoplight and out of the blue she goes:

Ya know, I like to suck cock.

To be honest I dont recall what the first thing that came into my mind was. There was a pause then I come back with:


pull over

Fuck an A, dont have to tell me twice. I pull into this business park behind a gas station. It was late and dark, a good spot. I park the cab, meter to time off, keys in pocket and get out and get in the backseat.

...yadda yadda yadda

I get back in the front leave the time off and continue to her pad. As Im getting closer to her hood Im seriously thinking about charging her for the ride, or trying to anyway. A good two minutes I was going over that one in my head. I really wanted to try just to see what her reaction would be but I couldnt do it.

One of my more memorable rides I'd have to say.


weekendwander said...

i bet it is stuff like this that makes you love your job.

keep up the good work, i love reading your stuff

Steve G said...

You yadda-yadda'd the best part.