Tuesday, March 21, 2006

My strange policy for smoking in the cab

I only bring it up because this came up tonight.

Im a non-smoker. Always have been.

My Freshman year of HS I smoked for the first and only time. A Marlboro Red no less. I felt so cool, I smoked three more of them. Then I puked for the next 15 minutes or so. Ever since then, even if I take one drag I get that same feeling in my stomach. For the most part all of my friends seemed to be smokers my whole life and I got used to second hand smoke so it doesn't bother me now. However I have always hated people that are inconsiderate fucks and just light up w/o asking the people around them (esp. if you're inside, or better yet my cab) if it would be OK.

Basically I cant stand inconsiderate people in general so any time I have a chance to give someone like that a hard time I usually jump on it. So the policy is as follows:

-If you ask me if it's alright to smoke in the cab, I will pleasantly allow it. At that time I would also request that you crack the window.

-If you don't ask me if it's alright and just light up or bring a lit cigarette in the cab when I load you I'll make you put it out.

-If you bring a cigar in the cab or light one w/o asking I'll probably just throw you out of the cab altogether.

Simple as that.

Some of these guys post these big signs in their cabs telling people not to smoke. I would rather find out if you're a jerkoff or not.

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Need more stories. I do enjoy reading them.