Sunday, March 26, 2006

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. Unless if it's some type of parasite.

I picked up these four younger guys at Hooters HC tonight, going to Caesars. Spring breakers most likely.

They told me an interesting story along the way...

Apparently they were a man down. They came out to Vegas and there was five of them. The fifth one was not with them when I picked um up because he was still passed out in the room from last night.

The five of them were in town just to party and cruise for chicks. Just like everybody else I suppose. However last night the four guys in my cab all struck out and the only one of them that was able to convince a chick to go up to their room was the fifth guy. Unfortunately for the fifth guy, he passed out in the room before he was able to get anywhere with the girl.

A little while thereafter my four guys made their way back to the room (thinking they would be done). The walked in to find their friend passed out face down on one of the beds and the chick laying on the other bed, drinking from their stash and watching the tube. Kickin it. She informed them that their boy passed out shortly after they got to the room, before they even fooled she decided just waited there hoping the four of them would show up.

So all four of my guys took turns on this chick. Every way possible. As a joke at one point they even fucked her on the same bed right next to the passed out guy.

When I got caught up with the situation they were debating on should they tell the fifth guy or not. I said fuck yeah! It's not like thats his girlfriend or something. If it were me and you guys told me that story I would start high fiving fools. I mean ...That's fuckin awesome. But they, knowing their friend were all kinda thinking that it might be a better idea to never mention it. I guess they thought he was the uptight type that might have a problem with something like that. So I said:

...well don't tell him then. But if you don't want him to know, you cant tell anyone..Because that's such a story that it will get around....Besides, what happens here stays here. Everyone knows that.

One of them replied:

Hopefully the crabs we all got last night stay here too

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