Monday, May 08, 2006

I picked up a drunk guy at Caesars last night

He got in the cab.

Can you take me to Caesars?

I laughed out loud for about a minute.

I'm glad you think that's funny...can you take me to Caesars now?

At this point I'm sure some drivers would say ok, and then proceed to drive around town, run his meter up and then bring him back. But that's just not my style, and besides this was to much fun.


I'm sorry I don't think I can do that

Why not?

Caesars sucks man. I couldnt in good conscious take you somewhere that sucks.

What the fuck man?

I can take you to the Hard Rock if want, I'm certain you would have fun there.

But all my friends are at Caesars!

Well your friends must suck then if they're hanging out there. You should get some new the Hard Rock

FUCK YOU! I don't want to get new friends. I want to meet my current friends at Caesars

I guess I figured that if I kept on him, he would eventually figured it out. But he never faltered. It was amazing.

You don't need to yell at me sir. ......I don't know what to tell you. How about Mandalay Bay? That place is cool, I'm sure you could meet some cool people there.

Are you gonna take me to Caesars or not?

No man, we went over this already. I can take you to the Hard Rock or Mandalay Bay though.

Fuck the Hard Rock. Fuck Mandalay Bay. And FUCK YOU TOO!

..and he gets out of my cab. I pull up a little to watch where he went next. He walked up to the next cab and got in the backseat. They sat there for a second then they pulled off, meter on.

Fuck me? I was doing you a favor man.


DNA024 said...

Thats funny. I figure if i'm that drunk i would deserve to get fucked over as he did. Maybe i will be in your cab next weekend. Will get into town on the 18th thru the 23rd.

MrFunkMD said...

Shoot me an email if you want and I'll give you my number.

Anson said...

oh MAN that's hilarious!!!

Goes to show that sometimes the Vegas tourists don't know where the hell they are!

I call B#!! S*!& said...

This is curious --- At Ceasars (or any other strip property) there is a valet at the cabstand to help you into the cab, and direct the flow of cabs through the cabstand.

So, when a customer gets to the front of the line, the valet always asks, "where are you going?" And you tell the valet and the valet signals for the next cab in line to pull up -- and then the valet tells the driver where the customer wants to go.

So, I doubt that your story is true.

The valet at the Ceasars cabstand would never have let this drunk guy get into your cab -- not if he was saying that he wanted to go to Ceasars.

And if this drunk guy did get into your cab, he never would have been able to get into the cab behind you in line. The valet people would never have let that happen.

You have a funny story here -- but not a true story.

MrFunkMD said...

^^^There is enough things wrong with that comment to the point I might get carpal tunnel correcting all of them.

I love the login name though.