Sunday, April 01, 2007


Before my first day ever driving a cab I remember having the thought that I would see a lot of accidents during my time on the road. A lot of fender benders for sure and no doubt some bad ones as well. Indeed I have seen my share of bumper taps, however I’ve yet to witness a very bad accident. I have always wondered how I might react in that situation though. Maybe everybody does. I know in my mind I’ve tried to visualize what would need to be done the same way a shortstop might visualize making that crucial diving grab and throw to first. You’d like to think that you would be able to do the right thing. You’d like to think that you’d know exactly what to do and when, and then you would just do it. Just like that shortstop. Or maybe, you might have it in you to do something important if you had to. Maybe, you could even be the hero. We’d all like to think so. But the truth of the matter is you don’t know. And you won’t. Until the situation presents itself.

I was NB on I-95 en route to a radio call I had taken. It was about 2 in the morning and there was no traffic so I was fast approaching my exit. I already had the mic in my hand so I could call for my location as soon as I got to the stoplight. When I started the bend at the Rainbow curve was when the smoke was first noticeable and it got thicker and darker the farther I went. I had my foot off the gas now and hadn't progressed very far around the turn before it became clear.

It was a blue Honda, or what was left of a blue Honda anyway. Laying upside down, smoke and steam rose from the undercarriage while the rear tires continued to spin. The trunk lid was resting on top of the concrete barrier that separates the Summerlin Parkway off ramp from the freeway, leaving the car at a very awkward pitch. This car was tore up pretty bad, looking like it had rolled over many times. I had to maneuver the cab around various car parts and the remains of two completely destroyed road signs that scattered along the road leading up to it. There was another car there. Three lanes over to the right, on the shoulder of the off ramp a white SUV had it's four ways on. It appeared to be the Good Samaritan. I turned my four ways on, pulled up alongside and rolled my window down to address the female driver.

Were you involved?

No I just watched it happen.

Did you call 911 already?

She held up the phone in her hand as she was putting her earpiece in with her other hand.

Right now.

I pulled the cab over in front of the SUV, got out and ran towards her window.

Do you know where we are?

She didn't respond.

Tell them we're on I-95 Northbound, directly at the Summerlin Parkway off ramp. We need NHP and Fire & Rescue here immediately.

I figured I would give her the exact location. You'd be surprised how many people are incapable of doing this accurately.

Is there anybody alive in there?

I asked a question I knew she didn't know the answer to. I don't know why. She was just as scared as I was and even if she wasn't, she wouldn't have had a chance to find that out anyway. She just stared back at me.

As soon as she started talking to the dispatcher I took off running across the lanes of the Summerlin Parkway off-ramp. I didn't get far before the debris began impeding my progress and the smell of gasoline became apparent. be continued



Mrs. N33 said...

Oh my goodness I have goosebumps all over my body! You are a great writer! I am looking forward to reading the rest of this story! I hope it has a happy ending!
Mrs. N33

PTg0ldfish said...


Don't leave us dangling for too long!

Anonymous said...

Dude, nice April Fools. I love your stories. Keep em coming!

Pharyjane said...

Wow, reality blog gets intense. I am looking forward to the ending also! You sure have a knack for story telling!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Hey Man, I thought this was an April Fool's I am beginning to wonder...please finish this tale before I go insane! You ought to be published and make a movie outta this stuff!

MrFunkMD said...


It was merely a coincidence that I completed pt.I of this story that day...There is more to this story, look for pt.II very soon.(sunglasses)

Anonymous said...

post part 2 already........