Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Pictures II

Here are the rest of the shots that I had planned on sharing in no particular order. Most of them are either personally or (hopefully) artistically interesting.

Your local 7-11:

Inside the Temple of the Heavens:

Landed, DaXian:



This shot was taken at the residence where I resided for over a week. The very nice people had a refrigerator, I never figured out why they didn't use it:

Market day occurs on all days ending in 2, 5 or 8. Surrounding villages' market days take place on different numbers enabling farmers to sell their goods daily.

Occasionally, people would stop and check out the white person:


ShenZhen had the best and freshest seafood I've ever had. On one side of the street there are countless vendors selling live seafood. The abundance of choices is staggering. You pick whatever you want from whoever you want and pay by weight. The vendor(s) will bag up everything you purchase and walk it across the street with you to one of the dozens of restaurants, all which with different specialties, waiting to prepare your food and side dishes.


Rice Fields:


I took quite a few pictures of this 5th generation rice farmer after he gave me permission. He just had a cool way about him that I can't put his finger on. Perhaps it was simply his smile. He said that as far as he knew, I was the first white man to ever walk through that field.

The local Notary Public:

Last but not least my three favorites:

Well kids that's enough of this international travel business for now. It was fun while it lasted. Stay tuned for some new cab adventures which will be coming directly. It's hard to believe that I'm still a fuckin cabbie....


Anonymous said...

I think the pictures are amazing. You are an amazing storyteller, even without words. Fuck those other guys.


Anonymous said...

great to see you back blogging .that vacation was one in a lifetime id say .now back behind the wheel of that cab and earn boy.
lol .those first few hours after a vacation are the hardest .
btw had a great vacation myself in your city .vegas is everything they say and more .
was hopeing to go back this year but the credit crunch and all that .but you never know .will deffo link up if i do
keep blogging
irish taxi driver

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing your pictures. You fueled my desire to travel west (east?)

Tara said...

Wow, awesome pictures. Thanks so much for sharing! Good to see you updating again!

John said...

Its not such a bad life.
You will get back behind the wheel, go see a few local shows then plan your next getaway.
Great photos, thanks for sharing your memories. Buy yourself one of those electronic photo frames.

Anonymous said...

yeah, that 5th generation rice farmer is pretty cool-looking. I'd like to shake his hand. the crying baby is adorable!

PlusSizeModel said...

"Occasionally, people would stop and check out the white person:"

That photo is straight up fantastic! Thanks for posting. The haters crack me up. I was taken aback, but since I'm on PT the surprise quickly became derisive laughter.

Anonymous said...

those pictures are amazing, I almost felt like I was there. thanks!

Anonymous said...