Tuesday, January 31, 2006


Picked up these three hot ass chicks at OG this morning around 4. As soon as they got in the asked what my name was and we started a pretty good conversation. I was thinking that they were upstairs @ the OG (where the guy dancers are) but as soon as I thought that they were talking about which chicks they liked the best and which tits they liked the best. It was clear that they were downstairs (where the chick dancers are). They went on about how this "one blond with the big tits" was the hottest one. Shortly thereafter the cab gets quite and I realized that these chicks are starting to get it on in the backseat. What started as some three way kissing soon became some three way sucking face with tits grabbing that soon led to shirts off and me adjusting the mirror as needed.It was pretty obvious they were looking to put on a show so my lips were sealed. I wasnt about to interupt the most beautiful event to occur in my cab thusfar. Then, the one sitting directly behind my says:

Andy, are you watching this?

Possibly the dumbest question I've ever been asked.

I reply

Are you kidding me? Ive almost killed us all three times in the last five minutes

$12 ride, they let me keep the twenty. Plus I saved on the dollar I usually spend everyday for an air freshener. I always strive to make the cab fresh smelling for my patrons.

I felt bad though,.... I should have paid them. A show like that in your hotel room would run you at least a couple G's.

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DNA024 said...

I knew there were benifits for driving a cab. Hell yeah!! You gotta love rides like that. Oh yeah, i probably woudn't have charged them even.