Thursday, February 02, 2006

The Cabbie Key

To make my typing go faster I'll use some Cabbie terms from time to time.

port - Airport
T2 - Terminal II
(the)Nut - First cab in line, next for pickup
TA - Taxicab Authority. Governing body for taxis, a division of Metro.
the yard - Home base, company station. Where you pick up and drop off the cab everyday.
Wide - No cabs waiting in line at a stand
Wide and Waiting - No cabs in line, people in line for cabs
Side - Monies received from means other than the meter. i.e. Tips, referral fees, payouts etc.
Friendly - A business that pays you to bring them more business
the Pit - The stand at the port. 14 rows of ~ 15 cabs
Drive thru - When the port is wide and waiting
a Personal - A regular customer.
DT - Downtown
Medallion - a removable 4 X 6 license plate place on left rear 1/4 panel of cab. The TA regulates the number and type of medallions issued. There are a few types of Medallions. Medallions determine where a cab can and cannot legally pick up. Upon loading, a cab can drop off anywhere.
Deadhead - Driving without a passenger(s)
Run out - Passenger who takes off before paying or refuses to pay
Long hauling - Taking a passenger a route other than the most direct one.
A flag - A passenger you picked up off the street as opposed to at a stand.
Loaded - Passenger(s) in the cab
Clear - No passengers in the cab
(a) 97 - A charter

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