Thursday, February 02, 2006


It was about 4 in the morning and I was empty at the Mirage. It was wide so I pulled right up to the stand to find a guy standing there with a piece of luggage. I pop the trunk and get out and before I even got close to this guy I could smell the booz. I put the bag in the trunk and he goes:

Can you take me to the airport, United?

Nowadays I wouldnt have loaded this guy most likely because he was really drunk and Im more afraid of a dude puking in the car than I him pulling a gun in my car, nonetheless I loaded him.

He was passed out in the back before I even got off Mirage' property. Now at this point some drivers might longhaul the guy bigtime but thats not really my style so I took a slow cruise to 16.

As we pull up to the United stand:

Hey man..we're here United........HEY man..we're here UNITED.......WE'RE HERE UNITED!

Nothing, so I get out walk around and open his door and start tapping his shoulder. Next thing you know Im shaking him pretty good before he finally wakes up and looks at me with these half open blood shot eyes and goes:

Can you take me to the airport, United?

Again I probably should said, sure no problem and took a spin around the beltway a few times but I finally got him and his bag out and he gave me a twenty.

I doubt United let him on a plane.

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