Friday, February 03, 2006


Picked up this lady at the convention center, going to the airport. She had these two big ass elongated boxes that took me forever to get both of them to fit in the trunk....She said she was late getting to airport. Arent they all? So I layed the funk down all the way to 16 hoping to be compensated accordingly on the backend...she talked on her cell the whole time.....

...We pull up to her gate and she asks if I can change a hundy (which always pisses me off), then she tells me that the boxes are to big for her to take on the plane and she said I could have them if I wanted them. so I said "whats in um" ....turns out she's in town for some home design show or some bullshit and these boxes are a "wall sculptures" she then said they retail for 800-1000.

Whatever lady, Im not ditching your trash for you

After all Im at the airport, whomever I pickup next is gonna have luggage and my trunk is packed full.

Then she gives me her card and says that if I dont like them to email her and she would send money to ship it back to her......yeah right. Anyway I decided to take them nonetheless. I was interested to see what they were and was having a good day already anyway so I decided to deadhead all the way across town to my car to ditch the boxes.

I just got home and opened this thing up and they are pretty fucking awesome. I must say and I would also say that it prolly does sell for as much as she said....they're pretty big at ~ 50" wide and 34" tall. They look great on my walls too.

Gotta be the most interesting tip i've gotten. I found pictures of them.

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Anonymous said...

I wanna see yer cool artwork!