Saturday, February 04, 2006

Super Bowl Weekend

Lots going on this weekend. The World Market Center, the new furniture showcase in LV which is only open for two weeks out of the year was open all week. Furniture store owners/buyers come from all over the world to get their goods for the next season of sales, to the tune of ~35K. Tonight (friday) Coldplay was sold out at the MGM and the airport had tons of arrivals all night. Plus the Hooters Hotel & Casino opened this weekend and they were packed. There was a line to get in and tons of people outside all night. On Saturday the UFC is at MB and thats sold out as well. And of course the "big game" on Sunday.

I wish I could say I was going to the UFC. I go to those fights quite a bit. Lots of fun....but alas duty calls. There are extra cabs on the road this weekend which means getting time off is impossible. It also means that sometimes the line of cabs at a stand is out to the fucking street and you cant even get on the stand at all. Couple that with power starving rent a cops that seem to think cabbies are the scum of the earth and the impossible traffic make for a fun night. Im not going to bitch that much though.

I still walked with 231 tonight. Not bad considering the strip clubs arent tipping anymore. Ya see for a while there, strip clubs were paying HUGE amounts of money for every customer you bring them. Some of them got up to $70 a head! This changed the game dramatically. Thats right kids you get four guys who want some boobs in their face in you cab..."hey cabbie, whats the best strip club in town?"......dont worry guys I know just the place. ;) So thats 280 right there. Fifty bucks more than I made in 12 hours tonight in 12 minutes. If you're really lucky they will pay you for the ride too with a good tip because you knew a good place to go. ha ha. On the other hand, you usually had to work it to get those rides though. Anything from free rides, to giving them cash out of your pocket. It was nuts. But that all ended in mid dec. All the clubs got together and agreed to stop paying. The only ones that didnt go in on the agreement are still paying but they're the full nude places with dont serve booz so no one wants to go there. The vets will tell you that this has happened before and they'll start paying again. I'm not so optamistic. Time will tell.

...So if you havent caught on to the formula here yet allow me to fill you in. The Roman Numeraled Titled posts will be the CC'. True events that I either find funny or interesting or hopefully both. Likewise I hope that you do as well. The ones I have already posted here and the next 6 or so are copied from another board that I had them on already.(what up p-hook?) After I get this site completely updated then I'll just be posting stories as they occur. Inbetween those I'll be around to fill you in on the day to day happenings and the business and politics as well. Or anything else that you might want to know about.

I'll take the Hawks plus the 4.5

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