Friday, February 03, 2006


I managed to score a ride DT from MB, right as im leaving the Plaza the security guard at the Greyhound bus station flags me. I pull over and he helps a blind lady into the car. She needs to go to the Riviera. Shes about 70 carrying a handbag and a cane. She's not wearing sunglasses and her eyes are driving me nuts in the rear view.

Im making chit chat as usual and ask if she was completely blind or if she could see anything. She explained that she has been completely blind her entire life. I asked where she was from and she reply'd with "DC". Then it dawned on me......this lady took the goddamned bus from fucking DC. "with a changeover in dallas" ....thats crazy, blind ladys been on a bus for 8 days. Then she explains that they lost her bags (hence only the handbag) and she has never been in vegas before and doesnt know anybody here. Im thinkin damn, old blind lady takin it to the people, watch the fuck out! She's here for a convention for blind people. Im sure the Riv is loving having 3000 blind people roaming their property....

anyway on to the story.....We get to the Riv, meter reads $9.45. I get as close to the front door as I can and tell her how much it is. She pulls out her cash thats all bank faced still in the white envelope and starts thumbing though the bills.......lady hands me a $1 bill finds a one dollar bill and hands it to me:

here is $10

Im sorry maam, thats a one dollar bill

no its not, thats a ten sorry, thats a single

why are you trying to steal from me?

This is a first. I mean how cliche is stealing from an old blind lady? Who does that?

But the question remains. How do you prove to the blind lady that what she's handing you is not what she thinks it is? I thought about it some more.

maam, If I wanted to steal from you I would have already

whats that supposed to mean?

No offense maam but it would have been real easy for me to drive around town a few times running your meter up. I brought you straight here. Or better yet if you're going to believe me when I tell you the meter is $9.45 then you have to believe me when I tell you that thats a $1 bill

The more I started making sense the more upset she was getting. Lucky for me, I never took the bill out of her hand or turned the meter off....

maam, tell you what, why dont I go get the bellman and you can show the bill to him, and I'll show him the meter.....will you accept whatever he say's they are?

yeah, thats a good idea

Of course it is.

So I go run down the bellman and dudes way stressed, he's by himself, got two shuttle busses loading, this other jerkoff in his face, me in his face and about 25 or so blind people wondering about pretty much aimlessly. Needing help finding registration I guess. But I get him to come over right quick and he was able to verify what I knew all along. Then gave me a real 10 spot.

Thanks for the tip. Thats what you get for playing it straight I guess.

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