Friday, February 03, 2006


Left the yard this morning around 4 and went straight to my usual stop, Cheetahs. Waited 3 min. Guy comes out with a hooker friend. They get in and say Ballys. Off we go, dudes drunk as hell, hooker friend is trying to make conversation with this guy making me laugh. We get to Ballys they both get out. I roll my window boy never comes over to the window so I get out of the car and start walking around. Hooker friend is walking away.

thats 10.70 man


dont tell me to relaxe man. 10.70

I have to go inside, the FD owes me money

Here we go.

...Guy starts walking away and I step infront of him and told him to give me his wallet. He threw his wallet at me and walked away. I open it, a bunch of those empty CC sleave things, and AARP membership card. A hotel baggage claim ticket (score). Just then hooker friend walks back over and asks me if I can take her somewhere.

Real fucking funny bitch you owe me 11 bucks

I dont owe you nothing got in my fucking cab didnt you? I brought you here!

so? she walks away. Nicely played on her part.

Decision time: waste an hour or more costing you prolly another 30 bucks or more calling the cops and tracking this fool for the 11 he doesnt have. Or eat it, roll out of there and let the fucker get away with it?

I called the cops. Fuck that guy thats why.

I park the cab by valet and go into Ballys. A stoke of luck I find the guy. I informed hotel security and asked them to keep their eyes on him until the cops arrive. Security guards are the most bored people on the planet. They are always willing to help. Cop shows up and loser starts getting lippy. He's getting way out of line, saying shit that you dont say. The the cop puts his gloves on.......Note to loser: when Cop puts his gloves on, that means shut the fuck up man. He doesnt want to get any blood on his hands. The whole time the guy is begging the cop to arrest him...

I could use a couple of free meals.

So cop comes up....and is asking me what I want to do. He explained that he can arrest him, (and the guy had no ID which means he's JD which means he'll be in for at least 3 days proly 5-7. They wont release him until they can positvely ID him), he could write loser a ticket and let him go, or just let him go. I told the officer it was really his call and apoligized for wasting his time for a meger situation. That said:

arrest him, thats the only way he's gonna learn. besides he's just gonna get in another cab, rip that guy off and you're gonna have to deal with it again. Also fuck him, thats why.

Cuffs are on, we're outside filling out reports and as soon as loser finds out he's going in for a week he starts changing his story saying we can call his wife in CT. and she can wire money for payment. Cop looks at me.....

Sure man, I just want to get paid.

We go upstairs to the security room and the cop calls the wife and lets her know whats up...hey we're gonna arrest your hubby if you dont send some cash. The wife wants to talk to loser, the cop holds the phone (dude still in cuffs), im standing right there......

Loser (word for word)
Honey, you wouldnt believe the story. I was at Caesars with this hooker. And she was hot. And now I dont have any money.

I couldnt contain myself I was geekin so hard and the cop was fucking rolling too. Loser, your calling your wife because she needs to send you 20 bucks or else your going in for a week, not to mention the 15 hundy or so in fees your gonna have to pay and the first thing out of your mouth is "honey I got a hooker and she was hot"? And you couldnt have just said hooker, you had to throw in the HOT? I have to give you big points for style though. Have fun in county bro.


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