Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Harrahs, with a "P"

I loaded at 16. A very old couple. Probably the oldest couple I have ever seen in Vegas. Old man was in a wheelchair and the lady was using a walker. They had a sky-cap helping with their bags. I get out and help him load them as well as the chair and walker. They get in and the old lady gives me the destination.

Take us to Harrahs

Sure thing, buckle up please

Normally I would just go down Koval, but it was slow so I decided to take Trop up to the strip and take it all the way down.

Along the way I heard stories about the old Vegas. All of which are somewhat interesting to me. I mean these people have been coming since before the Flamingo was even open. On one hand I like hearing about old Vegas from people who experienced it. On the other hand I can only hear so much about how it used to be next to nothing cheap.

I never understood why people complain about how expensive Vegas is. I hear that all the time. If you really think that way, then what are you doing here? How is it possible to have any fun on vacation when you're constantly pissed that you just paid 5 bucks for a 12oz bottle of water? I don't get it. If you're that worried about cash you shouldn't be anywhere near Las Vegas. Go on a fishing trip to Montana for your vacation. Go to another country where the exchange rate is grossly in your favor. Or better yet, go to Branson, Missouri. According to them, they have better entertainment than us anyway.

Just as we're a pulling into the tunnel entrance at Harrahs the lady who was sitting behind me taps my shoulder:

Excuse me.


Where in the fuck are you taking us?

It took me all of a minute to stop laughing before I could contemplate my confusion.


I told you to take us to Paris. Why are you going this way?

I could sense she thought I was trying to rip them off which I assured her that I most certainly was not and I simply miss-heard her destination as Harrahs. I went on to explain that I would get a price quote from a supervisor over the radio to determine what the fare should have been and that's what they should pay me. No big deal. I did however take away two things from this.

1. Realize, that we drove right past the Paris on our way to Harrahs, perhaps that might have been a good time to question me.

2. I don't care what anyone says, when a 90 year old lady says "FUCK" it's funny. Every time.