Sunday, April 19, 2009

Greetings from Beijing

This marks the first time I've had computer access since the last time we spoke, so I figured fuck it, I might as well check in. That is what bloggers do right? Check in from time to time?

My experience over the last 16 days has been amazing and I'm still going strong. I have not gotten sick like I thought I would, the only food I couldn't stomach was the stinky tofu in downtown Hong Kong and the most crucial error I've made is locking my suitcase keys in my suitcase. Lucky for me, that mistake was remedied by a 50 year old, butcher knife totting Sichuanese Lady.

Today I visited the Olympic Village. I paid the extra money and was able to venture inside the infamous Water Cube and Birds Nest. I also visited The Summer Palace. Most used by Empress Cixi, it was something of a recluse for a few different Emperors who found life in the Forbidden City too political. Being an Emperor must have been a tough life. There are so many beautiful things to see here. Tomorrow I will be visiting the Great Wall so I can check another World Wonder off the list.

For the past week I spent time in what I called the real China. Not the postcard China I find myself in now. Upon arriving here it was strange to see another white person. Interestingly, something saddened me about that. It almost cheapened the whole experience for me. Perhaps that should clue you in as to exactly how far out I ventured.

That being said I am starting to feel an itch to make it back to Las Vegas. I guess there is just something about that city for me. But, I still have a few stops to make and a lot more pictures to take. The most interesting of which might be my plan tomorrow to throw on my 96' summer tour T-shirt I made sure to bring along so I could snap a few photos at the Great Wall with it. Heads everywhere, and in a couple of weeks, back in Vegas.

Cheers, or as they say in these parts, Gumbei!